Farmers Market Panzanella Salad


1 loaf day-old Ciabatta or Sourdough bread
2 Kumato tomatoes, cut in 1-inch cubes
2 classic red tomatoes, cut 1-inch cubes
2 c baby heirloom tomatoes, slice in half
Small handful Thai basil, rough chop
Large handful sweet basil, rough chop
½ English cucumber, cut in small cubes
1 small red onion, thin sliced
1 organic yellow pepper, diced
½ cup capers


Slice bread and brush with olive oil then place on grill and lightly brown on each side.  Remove from heat and rub with raw garlic.  Then cut into 1″ pieces and place in a large bowl.

Prep remaining ingredients as noted in ingredient list.

Slowly combine remaining ingredients into bowl with bread leaving a little sweet basil aside for garnish  Mix well then allow to sit for approx 30 minutes.  Serve in a large white bowl and garnish with fresh basil. Enjoy!


Fresh old world-style bread will also work well.

If Kumatos are not available use additional classic tomatoes and baby heirlooms.

Add a splash if Champagne vinegar if desired.

Click here to watch Ron prepare the dish!


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